Reading after having a baby

If you’re anything like me it took you a while to get back to reading after having your babies. When I was pregnant I read everything about pregnancy and birth. Then all the baby books and decided how I’d look after the baby, when it would nap, how I would feed it etc etc. I also thought that whilst on maternity leave I’d be able to catch up on my reading… The Complete works of Shakespeare, Dicken’s back catalogue, you know, the classics. Obviously that all went out the window once the baby was born and I didn’t have a millisecond to do any of those things – apart from try and keep the baby alive!

I finally got back into reading again (thanks to the amazing Ideas Store in Roman Road – libraries will be another post) when my baby was around 1. The first book I read was Room by Emma Donoghue. Maybe not the best choice for a women with a baby, but it touched me to the core. I still think about it now 6 years later. I remember how great it felt that I’d been able to get through a novel at last, and how happy I was that I’d got my reading mojo back!

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