My Christmas Reading

As I said in my earlier Advent reading post I have read Christmassy books in the run up to Christmas since I was a child. First it was Nan Goodall’s Donkey’s Glory (which I read every year!), then I moved onto A Christmas Carol, and in recent years I’ve been reading the sort of Christmas novels you see on the front table of bookshops at this time of year, the covers full of snowy scenes, and beautifully wrapped presents being held by impossibly thin, pretty women in heels standing in a snowy scene, Christmas trees, mistletoe wreaths with handsome men and beautiful women kissing underneath… You know the ones I mean! I’m a sucker for them, I love the will they won’t they love story, the preparations for Christmas, I especially love it if they are about food and have recipes in too. I devour them and often read 2 or 3 in two weeks. Last year I made excellent choices in my Christmas reading with: Bella’s Christmas Bake Off by Sue Watson which had it all, food, friendship, will they won’t they love story, and all topped off with heartwarming helping of homeless people. I loved it so much! I also read Calling Mrs Christmas by Carole Matthews which was about a women who organised Christmas for people who were too busy, lots of preparations, a love triangle, a trip to Lapland – it was amazing! I hope I can find something to live up to these novels this year!

I am going to read Matt Haig’s 2 children’s Christmas books (A Boy Called Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas) before I choose some adult ones, so will have a lovely Christmassy time! Just have to finish my Angela Carter first…

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