Kindle v real book!

So, I’m a book lover, I love books, I like the feel of them, the art on the cover, the smell, I love having them in my house and seeing them in other people’s houses, I love a shelfie on Instagram. I’ve been lucky enough to come into contact with hugely rare and antique books through my work and love holding something that is hundreds of years old and has been handled by unknown people (sometimes not so unknown when dealing with books who belonged to famous people!) with untold stories.

However, for my day to day reading needs I love my kindle… I resisted getting one for years as my love for real books was so strong. When my daughter was born my reading went down to almost nothing for about a year. I didn’t have the time, or headspace for it – bed was always my place for reading and when my daughter was tiny sleep was the most important thing to do in bed!

As she got bigger and better at sleeping I started reading again, books at first, but I got a kindle fire for a Christmas present and started using it to read books. It was a revolution in the way I read. I could read one handed in bed, even no handed when I used the case as a stand! It was easier to find books, and I read some things I don’t think I would have if I’d not had a kindle i.e. older books that are harder to find such as Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham and the Diary of a Provincial Lady by EM Delafield (both great books btw!) The kindle fire is not a great way to read though, the experience of reading isn’t as easy on the eye as with a real book, and it’s quite heavy if you are reading without the case, also you can’t use it outside as the light reflects off the screen. So for a holiday in 2015 I decided to treat myself to a kindle paperwhite, I fell in love straight away! The reading experience is as good as a real book, you can read outside easily, the battery lasts for ages, it’s light, it’s backlit so you can read in bed without needing the light on. I really like it!

At the moment I’m reading a proper novel, and I’m enjoying the physical feeling of the book in my hand. But it’s made me realise how convenient the kindle is, I need to have the lamp on whilst reading in bed, I have to use both hands to hold the book so it’s not as comfy reading in bed, and if I fall asleep whilst reading I lose my page. Plus I didn’t realise how often I use the inbuilt extras like the dictionary, link through to wikipedia and x-ray when reading. I keep going to touch a word on the page to find out more and remembering this is not possible – I need to do my own research! So maybe the kindle is making me lazy, but there is no doubt that it has changed the way I read forever!

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